TranSolar Enterprises
About Us

     TranSolar Enterprises was founded in October 2004 as a freelance company supporting the late-model automotive import craze of the 2000's. During this time, 3D CAD was finally trickling down to the small-business sector. As a student at Florida Atlantic University for Mechanical Engineering in 2006, Owner Sean Borchert learned SolidWorks™ and immediately envisioned a paradigm shift. Not only could custom pieces for the automotive industry be designed, but, quite literally, everything in the solar system could be modeled with 3D CAD. Jumping on the different bandwagons over the years, Transolar Enterprises dabbled in website design, transportation consulting, mobile apps and even show business. Our core expertise remained. Working with companies from the Manufacturing, Semiconductor, Aerospace and Automotive industries in the early twenty-teens, our expertise has advanced beyond the wildest dreams of 2008, 2006 or even our founding year. In 2015, we defined a new business model to bring the company back to its roots. Design has been the backbone of our company. It is what we do. It is what we know.

Company Location
TranSolar Enterprises is Headquartered in the NorthWest Suburbs of Chicago, IL. 

While we are centralized in the greater Chicagoland area, TranSolar Enterprises prides itself on accomplishing the needs of our customers worldwide.

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