Design Services
Parametric (3D) Modeling
If you can dream it, we can model it. Using SolidWorks™ CAD software, your product is modeled with technical attention. This is a virutal representation of your product with real dimensions that can be extrapolated to technical drawings that can then bring your product to life. Some features we have experience with are:
- Simple Blocking
- 3D Sketching
- Advanced Surfacing
- Parts
- Assemblies, Sub-Assemblies
    - Bottom-Up
    - Top-Down
- Sheet Metal
- Weldments
- Molds, Plastics, Dies
- Forming Tool Design

Design for Manufacturing
Today's manufacturing environment is very different than it used to be. Trimming the fat at the design stage has compounding returns during the prototype and production stages of your project. We can help by understanding your manufacturing capabilities and incorporating them into the design of your product before the first cast poured, chip moved or tool made.
Design for Assembly
We can design anything you can think of. We can make a 3D model, corresponding drawings, a BOM and even coordinate with vendors. But, can you assemble the components? During the design phase, especially with 3D modeling, you can virtually see the complete assembly. We can show you how to put it together. More importantly, we can find areas of your product that need attention during the assembly stage.
Design Services
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