Drafting Services

Outsource to TranSolar
Do you already have existing designs? Are you looking to upgrade your old 2D drawings to 3D? Our drafting services can help!

We understand your resources are limited. You still have deadlines. Why not outsource? We can bring your designs up to date. Your team has already upgraded to a 3D environment, but that sub-assembly from 1999 doesn't have a 3D model. Does your team have the time to model? Do you have the budget for your engineers to do drafting work?
GD & T
Rest easy, we have extensive knowledge and experience of Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerance per ASME Y14.5 - 2009

What does drafting include?
Drafting is much more than just technical drawings now-a-days. Bills of Materials (BOM's), product documentation, assembly instructions (end-user & internal) and Quality Assurance inspection criteria are all packaged together during the drafting phase of product development. We can assist you with any one of these or all of them together if you need.
Technical Drawings
The meat & potatoes of drafting. We can support your drawing needs. Aside from the obvious capabilities of generating (technical) drawings, we also offer drawing review services, tolerance stack-up analysis, correct design intent and drawing template creation. Know your product will not have any questions arise when your manufacturing team or vendors are ready to create from a TranSolar drawing.
PDM Services
You are starting to control your engineering documents. You've just rolled out a Product Data Management system. Your team doesn't have the time to back fill years of data. We can help. We have the knowledge and experience to ensure your data cards contain the correct information. We can assist in the implementation of Engineering standards. We can identify the bad data. Do you trust a Data Entry Clerk to do the same?